Spikes Asia

27 - 29 September 2017
Suntec Singapore

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped make the third annual AK Lit Fest such a success - from our partners and sponsors, to our volunteers, and of course, everyone who attended! The AK Lit Fest will be back again next year – we’re already counting down the days!

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Two to Tango
Somasiri Devendra

This is a first-person account of four years (1943-1948) in the life of a town-bred boy in his early ‘teens first exposed to a rural environment and traces the awakening of self-awareness in a young boy. The book is in three sections: ‘The Stage’, which is the village; ‘The Players’ who are the people who moulded his life; and ‘The Lump of clay’, which is, of course, himself. Inevitably it also traces the impact of the outside world, namely, the end of WW2, the grant of Independence and the greater freedom for domestic travel and the discovery of new reading experiences by the writer. These, finally, end the unalloyed joy of life in the village: a period which was the most formative years on the writer’s life. This is a deep-felt tribute to the village, and a commentary of events through the eyes of a growing boy.

Chitra Premaratne Stuiver

A book of poems composed by inspiration drawn from an entire life’s worth of experiences. ‘Offering’ presents poems describing various incidents of the poet’s life and her observations. From the most minute, as in ‘Nature’s Deadly Creation’, which describes the features of a spider’s web, to the most significant i.e. ‘Ruminations of a Recent Widow’ that brings to light the path of a woman just bereft of her husband. A number of the poems portray the happenings in the everyday lives of the locals as well as the various traditions of Sri Lanka. The poet, being a gifted photographer has also included a handful of her pictures to add to the personality of the book’s content.