In the AK Lit Fest’s third consecutive year, we held our festival at the iconic Mount Lavinia Hotel. With panels that discussed the comic book’s influence, the evolution of online writing, and lyrics of love, there was certainly something for everyone! And to add even more flavour to the mix, we even included an exclusive film screening, and ended the day with an inspiring open mic session!

In our second year, we aimed for bigger and better, with a two-day event that was jammed-packed with incredible writers and speakers. From performance poetry to the launch of multiple books (and a magazine launch!), our goal stayed the same: uplifting local talent. There were also a number of insightful sessions for everyone to enjoy, covering topics such as writing online, how NOT to get your book rejected, and scriptwriting for cinema and theatre!

Our inaugural year was when we first said it loud and clear: Sri Lankans loves literature – and they write it well too! Our sessions aimed to educate and inspire, from discussions on writing in retirement, undoing the stigma of “broken English”, and the power of expression. We also held a publisher’s clinic, partnering up with a number of local publishers, to answer everyone’s burning questions about becoming a published writer in Sri Lanka.